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Frequently asked questions/ topics raised by clients.

Will you send a contract for me to sign?

Yes, although I prefer to call it a letter of agreement.

Do you have a GDPR statement/agreement?

Yes. I can’t assume everyone at your Wedding gives consent for me to potentially use their photo for display and advertising purposes.

Do you charge a deposit?

Yes, but only after we have had our initial wedding planning meeting and it is usually 10% of the agreed total price.

Do you send an invoice to be paid?

Yes, with details of how payment can be made.

How close to the wedding do you request payment?

Usually one month before the wedding.

A typical discussion with clients goes like this.

I don’t like having my photograph taken, so I only want natural photographs taken.

So, does this mean you don’t want any group photographs taken?

Well, I want photos of me and my fiancée with our families, and photos of us with our friends.

So, you don’t just want natural photographs taken then!

I suspect you don’t like having your photograph taken because you very rarely have a good photograph taken of yourself.

I don’t like having my photograph taken either, so, I hide behind my camera!

The reason you don’t have very many good photos taken is probably because no one has ever guided you through the process.

The choice of camera angle and camera height makes a huge difference.

As too does the choice of lens, the lighting conditions and most of all how you stand or sit.

One simple example, if  you stand straight on to the camera, with your arms by your side you will be making your body look as wide as you possibly can.

Put one foot in front of the other, rest one hand on your hip and the other on your thigh, making sure both elbows are a little bit away from your body, so there is a gap between your arms and body. Try it, you will be amazed at how much better you look.


I'll tell your more about hands another time.

I will guide you and your guests through this process so you get the best possible photographs.


This is my beautiful niece. Thank you so much for demonstrating.

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