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What to ask  a wedding photographer and my answers

 What to ask  a wedding photographer, with my answers.


 What style of wedding photographer are you?


 I am ‘the family wedding photographer.’ And my name is Stuart Ralls. You can email me ;

Or call or text me on 07756597733


There are 3 basic styles of Wedding Photography, I include an explanation of what they mean.


  1. Journalistic means there will be no posed photographs, unless you ask for some. The photographer just photos what’s in front of them. 

  2. Contemporary means posed shots of the 2 of you in the style of the photographer.There are unlikely to be any group photos unless you ask.

   3.   Traditional posed photos. 


I am all of the above. I believe in capturing what’s in front of me. Creating photos that you can’t imagine e.g. my silhouette photos at ‘the Leigh Park Hotel’ and I think most important of all the family photos.


If it rains what contingency's do you have?


I have a portable photography studio that I can set up which will ensure that you have high quality group photos. 


How many group photographs will you take?


As many as you would like me to. I will ask you to provide a shot list for me.


When will you take our group photos?


I like to start taking group photos once you have had half an hour to greet your guests after the wedding ceremony and for everyone to have had some refreshments. 


How long will you spend taking group photographs?


It depends on how many big group photos you want taken. I can take them during the day, as long as I know who’s who, and if I have a family member to help.


Do you want us to provide a shot list of photographs we want?


Yes Please!


Will you take us away to take some beautiful photos of the 2 of us?


Yes I will, but for no more than 3 sessions of about 15 minutes in length each, spread throughout the day. I will not take you away from your wedding for hours at a time.


How long will it take for you to provide me with my wedding photographs?


I typically shoot 2,500 photos at a wedding. My aim is to provide you with about 20 photos within 10 days. The bulk of the photos (1,000) within 5 weeks . Then my selection (500 of the best in my eyes) and the rest within 8 weeks of the wedding.


How many photographs will you provide me with?


You will receive them all. There may be one photo that I don’t like but you adore.


How will the photographs be presented?


On a USB pen which you can keep.


Can I print my own photographs?



How many weddings have you photographed?


More than 50. I have been photographing weddings for 10 years. I want to give you my very best, so I shoot a limited number a year. I have a day job, so I am selective about how many weddings I photograph.


Where have you photographed weddings?


Old Wardour Castle, near Tisbury. Chippenham registry office. Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean. Cain Manor, in southeast Surrey.  Castle Combe Hotel. Lackham farm. Guild Hall Bath. Ufton Court, near Reading. Guyers House, Corsham. Leigh Park Hotel, Bradford upon Avon. Wellington Barn, near Calne. To name a few.


How much do you charge?


Typical, £850 however, it does depend upon how many guests are at the wedding and for how long you want me.


How much do you ask for a deposit?




Do you offer an engagement photoshoot?


Yes it’s part of my full day package.


Do you offer a pre wedding meeting?


Yes as many as we need, included in the price.


Do you shoot to more than one memory card?


Yes, I shoot to 2 cameras, which both have 2 memory card slots. I shoot to 32 gb memory cards and I typically use 12 memory cards at a wedding. The cards never leave me.


How busy are you for 2024?


I have limited availability for 2023 and 2024.


Remember it’s your wedding, your day and your photos. I’ll always photograph what you ask, however, I will go above and beyond to capture something you might not have thought of.

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